Spiritual Direction is really not about being “directed,” it is about being encouraged to draw closer to the Divine.  In spiritual direction one reflects deeply on one’s experiences in ordinary living. Gradually, between and in sessions with a spiritual director, one begins to recognize the grace that emerges as one becomes aware of the movement of the Divine in one’s life. A person comes to realize how God was, is and has always been present—especially during the darkest hours. God seeks us wherever we are and a spiritual director simply helps a person recognize how The Holy One desires to be in relationship with each of us.   

Where did spiritual direction originate?

The practice of spiritual direction began between the fourth and sixth centuries when many Christians flocked to the deserts of Egypt and Syria to live in solitude and renounce the temptations that led them to stray from living out their Christian values. They left their cities to learn deeper ways to pray, discern and listen to God. Today these people are know as the Desert Fathers and Mothers and even in the 21st century we have a great deal to learn from their wisdom.

How often does a person meet with a spiritual director?

Spiritual direction takes place once a month unless a spiritual or life crisis calls for closer discernment. Sharon also offers “Ecumenical and Covenantal Groups” for clergy and congregational members who want to engage in group spiritual direction.

Why does one seek spiritual direction?

One may come to spiritual direction for a variety of reasons including to:

  • Identify and trust one’s experiences are of God
  • Discern and make difficult choices
  • Share one’s struggles, losses or disappointments
  • Find encouragement and affirmation
  • Heal painful life memories
  • Process grief and suffering
  • Learn new ways to pray
  • Learn more about the spiritual disciplines and how to develop a “Rule of Life” to live out one’s spirituality
  • Understand the difference between a dark night of the soul and clinical depression