Our Mission

The mission of the Inner Well Institute is to help clients develop individualized self-care tool kits to enhance their well-being. The Institute offers integrative and holistic modalities drawn from positive psychology, self-compassion research, mindsight (a combination of mindfulness and insight), mindfulness meditation, and movement education (qigong and tai chi).

Our services include:

  • Tai chi and qigong classes and workshops. (Tai chi and qigong are the very first form of Traditional Chinese Medicine developed centuries ago.)
  • Core Personal Resilience Coaching (CPR).
  • Training for Eldering with Grace Wellness Project facilitators who wish to host the small groups in faith communities and community centers.

The Inner Well Institute is devoted to empowering clients to enhance well-being, maintain resilience, reduce stress, and increase vitality.                                     

Meet the Director

Sharon Otto Trekell, Ph.D. has been a health care advocate since serving as the Director of Public Relations for the International Childbirth Association in the late 1970s. After earning her doctorate in psychology, she served as a psychotherapist at the Dayton Institute for Family Therapy. In 1996 she accepted the position of Coordinator of Spiritual Care at Good Samaritan Hospital in Dayton. In 2001 she founded the Inner Well Institute, which offers services built on neuropsychology, appreciative inquiry, mindfulness meditation, eastern and western spirituality, and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Through the institute, Sharon offers classes in tai chi and qigong, wellness coaching, and spiritual direction. As an expansion of these offerings, she will be introducing the Eldering with GRACE (EWG) Project, of which she is the founder. Her current plan is for the project to include a six-week class on well-being and an optional monthly group support meeting. It will be piloted with area professionals and lay people in 2017.

Classes in Tai Chi and Qigong: Qigong is a meditative movement practice that gave birth to tai chi. Sharon’s daily body-mind-spirit practice has included qigong for the past 24 years. She offers classes and retreats in this deeply healing and restorative meditative movement in several locations in Dayton.

Wellness Coaching: Sharon’s interest in psychological and physical health led her to study various scientific theories of resilience. From her studies, she developed her own model of wellness coaching that she calls Core Personal Resilience (CPR) Coaching, an integration of positive psychology, appreciative inquiry, mindfulness meditation, and exercise prescriptions from tai chi and qigong.

Spiritual Direction: Her continuing study of spirituality and the Christian mystics resulted in clergy and religious seeking her out as a spiritual director—one who listens to how the Divine works in the lives of others. 2017 marks her 29th year of offering spiritual direction to individuals and groups.

The Eldering with GRACE (EWG) Wellness Project: In 2015, Sharon, together with a local task force, began creating a wellness program for those desiring to live into their third chapters (ages 55 and beyond) with dignity, wisdom, and resilience. Together they learned that today’s elders are significantly different than those of previous generations.Many are designing new lives by beginning encore careers, seeking creative ways to age in place, and reclaiming a sense of well-being by engaging in complementary practices, such as meditation, centering prayer, qigong, and tai chi.



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