Sharon developed her tool kit for Core Personal Resilience (CPR) Coaching with a consortium of local professionals who were seeking to explain how a person may attain more well-being and resilience. The Circle of Resilience is at the core of Sharon’s coaching model for health and wellness and represents key parts of one’s lifestyle. 

The Circle of Resilience is built upon a variety of disciplines:

  • Positive psychology
  • Stress reduction
  • Appreciative inquiry
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Neurobiology
  • Mindfulness training
Sharon uses The Circle of Resilience with groups and individuals to assess one’s “readiness for change” and to map a client’s progress. She recommends clients begin their process of change in the area where one is most ready to change. This is because when one is ready to change in one area (e.g., relational change) then spontaneous changes will often occur in other areas of one's life as well.
core personal resilience

How did Health and Wellness Coaching evolve?

The need for Health and Wellness Coaches rose out of a grass roots movement of people who began to understand that their health is more than an integration of body, mind and spirit.

What are the benefits of having a Health & Wellness Coach?

Health and Wellness Coaches empower their clients to: 

  • Optimize well-being and resilience by understanding more about integrative medicine and how para-professionals (i.e. movement educators, massage therapists, yoga and tai chi teachers, polarity therapists and personal trainers) can improve or enhance one’s well-being
  • Learn about nutrition and about how choosing a healthy lifestyle (getting adequate rest, using mind-body skills, learning various stress reduction methods) is essential to not merely surviving but actually thriving
  • Understand that prevention and self-care are choices leading to empowerment and being able to live one's life to the fullest
  • Reduce stress and the incidence of preventable illnesses with their resultant health costs
  • Create a personalized health plan which includes short and long-term goals to map their way to a satisfying and health-filled life

Quite simply, there are times when one needs more than a physician, a counselor or a pastor to create a balanced life in today’s stress filled world. Health and Wellness Coaching is based on the belief that unhealthy lifestyles can be changed and one’s state of health can always be improved. Whether a client is coping with work stress, obesity, depression, or a life-threatening illness such as cancer, everyone can draw on innate character strengths and learn resources to create a new sense of well-being.