The Eldering with GRACE Project (EWG) is designed as a six-week class series offered in a peer circle format for those living into their third chapters (ages 55 and beyond). Our classes focus on supporting one another and learning stress reduction and body-mind-spirit practices. After the initial six-week series, ongoing classes will be offered for those who wish to stay connected and want to continue to practice their new skills together. Each class is guided by EWG co-facilitators who have completed a twelve-hour training course dedicated to the EWG group process.

All classes follow a two-hour format. During the first hour, group members participate in a peer circle that will discuss the deeper meaning of being a Generative, Resilient, Active, Connected, and Empowered Elderthe five qualities of GRACE. These five qualities provide the foundation for our project.


In the second hour, participants learn and practice various stress reduction techniques, including tai chi and qigong, centuries-old meditative movements that have been scientifically demonstrated to improve balance, prevent falls, assist with Parkinson’s disease, and aid in healing. Participants will be encouraged to develop their own stress reduction and body-mind-spirit tool kits for future use.


The mission of the Eldering with GRACE Project is to create peer circles of caring elders who become increasingly committed to learning and engaging in practices that promote their health and prevent disease. Classes are open to all individuals who are living into their third chapters (ages 55 and beyond). A significant part of our mission will include the provision of outcome data from pilot studies and continuing groups for the purpose of establishing the EWG Project as a replicable model for use in faith congregations and community centers.


The vision of the Eldering with GRACE Project is to provide classes and support for elders who wish to take more personal responsibility for their body-mind-spirit health. This vision includes instilling in elders self-care and stress reduction techniques that will better prepare them to face the numerous transitions of life’s third chapter.Our vision is to empower elders with strategies to prevent falls through movement education and methods to help reduce anxiety through learning and practicing stress reduction methods.

  • We believe that our society’s aging population deserves respect and needs to reclaim the revered title of elder.

  • Self-care and stress reduction education can prepare individuals for navigating the inevitable challenges of aging and improve their overall coping abilities and well-being.

  • Together, those living into their third chapters can learn how to share their individual legacies and wisdom with future generations.