The mission of the Inner Well Institute is to help our clients develop resilience and vitality through dedication to both the art and science of well-being. The Institute offers an integrative and holistic repertoire of health and healing modalities: Coaching, Positive Psychology, Self-Compassion, Appreciative Inquiry, Mindfulness Meditation, Mindsight (an integration of mindfulness and insight), Spiritual Direction, and Movement Education (Tai Chi and Qigong). Our goal is personal empowerment for each client based on acquiring a tool kit of self-care methods.

Sharon Otto Trekell, Ph.D., Director of Inner Well Institute, is a Certified Health and Wellness Coach, a Tai Chi and Qigong Exercise Specialist, a Certified Tai Chi Easy Instructor, and a Spiritual Director with over twenty years experience working with ordained clergy.  Sharon also holds a doctorate in psychology. Her coaching practice integrates theories from positive psychology and appreciative inquiry, exercise prescriptions from Qigong and Tai Chi, and a variety of stress reduction methods.  When coaching clients, Sharon uses her six dimensional paradigm of well-being she refers to as CPR (Core Personal Resilience) to assess and empower clients to create more resilience in their daily lives.

  • Individual coaching by phone or in person
  • Group coaching by phone or in person
  • Interactive Workshops focusing on specific areas of change
  • On-site coaching at your place of business
  • On-site classes in Tai Chi and Stress Reduction